700,000 Hours

According to the 2014 National Vital Statistics Report, Vol 65, No 4, the average life expectancy at birth is 78.8 years. Rounded up that equals 80 years or 700,000 hours.

Some may live well beyond 80 years and others may fall quite short, but whatever length of time one has on the planet, it is finite — and non-negotiable.

Every minute that passes by cannot be reclaimed or relived and as such holds inestimable significance. How each of us spends our allotted time is a deeply personal and profoundly important set of decisions about our very lives.

Too often, though, the challenges we face daily prompt us to fall back on ingrained and unquestioned behavior patterns to guide our decisions. Our lives, switched silently to “social autopilot” slip-by unnoticed and unfulfilled until our time is too soon gone. Forever.

How do we take control over the use of our 700,000 hours and reclaim our lives? The posts that follow will unpack prevailing behavior patterns that aren’t particularly helpful and explore alternatives that give us a wider range of choices.

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