Spiritual Reality Before “BE”

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God 1

The first message conveyed by spiritual reality was the command “BE” 2

I testify … that Thou art God, that there is no God but Thee, and that He Who hath been manifested is the Hidden Mystery, the Treasured Symbol, through Whom the letters B and E (Be) have been joined and knit together. 3 4

The Creator, as the ultimate voice of authority and by virtue of this “first message” commands physical reality into existence through an initial singularity — a perfect unity — from which all matter and energy in the known universe emerges and expands into an endless expression of forms and relationships that honor their common heritage.

The force of this command compels participation by everything in the high drama of continuous, purposeful change over an indefinite stretch of time. Below is a depiction of …


No matter how far-flung, differentiated, diverse, or distant waves and particles may be from one another as the universe expands, their singular origin generates an inexhaustible attractive force — a celestial love — that keeps everything in the physical world interconnected.

The interconnectedness among waves and particles throughout the universe makes them agents in a massively complex adaptive system. Any changes in form, function and relationship as thoughts or actions made by one agent impact all others.

The Creator endows each and every person — a human agent — with 1) a soul that will enjoy eternal life after the physical form dies; 2) the capacity to know that one exists in both physical and spiritual realities, simultaneously, and acknowledge cause and effect amid such complexity; and 3) the choice to take responsibility for what one thinks, says, and does as one navigates through physical reality and accept accountability for what happens as a result — a divine justice — in preparation for the purely spiritual reality to come.

These choices are not easy to make as the physical reality of survival day to day take precedent. But we are not left unattended. By the Creator’s authority, Manifestations appear at foreordained points in time to provide mankind with guidance for that age through a phenomenon called …


The authority bestowed by the Creator upon The Báb and Bahá’u’lláh as “Twin Manifestations” 7 heralded the start of a new cycle, era and age for humankind, initiated the …


… and the renewal of a living Covenant between the Creator and mankind that assures a steady, undiluted flow of guidance which gives rise to the …


… and …


… as …

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