About This Site

Welcome to Steven L Bosserman Archives!

During my career I have had the opportunity to serve domestic and international clients representing organizations in the private, public, and voluntary sectors on matters of change management, organization design, and strategic framing. Even more, I have been fortunate to do worthy work I enjoy with people I like to be with.

Along the way, I accumulated a significant collection of materials related to these efforts that are randomly stored as digital files on hard drives and in “the cloud” or as paper files in boxes and on shelves. In its current state of disarray, only I could make sense of its contents. Whatever value others may assign to it demands that I organize it and make it accessible. Furthermore, to abandon it for others to sort through when I’m no longer here disrespects the time and energy those I care about must consume to do it in my stead. Given those conditions, I accept the challenge since it is the only right thing to do!

Knowing that I will encounter all manner of distractions, any one, of which, could take me far afield from my goal, I intend to use my online presence to account for my progress and help me stay on task. This website serves as an archive for the material I sort through and my postings on Micro.blog and Mastodon serve as a log of my activities. If interested, I suggest you subscribe to their feeds or visit them as you like to see what’s new.

While you may want to check the contents of this website and Micro.blog on your own, the rationale I used in formulating the menu as I have is as follows:

  • Delve into the source of my “authority” with clients—why did / do they listen to me? Go to More about me (Micro.blog) for my recent thoughts.
  • Attest that much of my “authority” stems from my understanding of the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith. You may want to check Bahá’í Timeline (Micro.blog) and Timelines for more about that. Documentation covering the travels and addresses made by Abdu’l-Bahá during His visit to America in 1912 significantly shaped my application of Bahá’í teachings to my work. In 2021, I posted summaries of the events and circumstances during His trip on 239 Days (Micro.blog). In order to include that material in my archives and reference it more handily in subsequent writings I am expanding and reposting those original entries, day by day, to the “239 Days” category on Frameworks for Understanding the World throughout the 11 April 2022 — 05 December 2022 period.
  • Define Key Words germane to many different aspects of my work and areas of study. Account for a library of publications that provide background and references for my interventions within client social systems. Look for ongoing updates to a future “core readings” section in Reference.
  • Incorporate the knowledge gained through secular and sacred sources as well as life experiences into my career field. Go to the Change Management drop-down menu for more.
  • Develop graphic frameworks to describe the behavior patterns within the client’s and interrelated social systems. Initially, I design them during conversations with the client then convert the notes taken on paper or white boards into more refined graphics for use in publications. Go to the Frameworks drop-down menu for examples with more to follow.
  • Acknowledge particularly fruitful associations during my career. Go to the Collaborations drop-down menu for examples. Among these is my brother. He and I drafted a book in 1995 but did not finish before he passed away in 2011. You can read the “published chapters” as I get them cleaned up and posted on Hanging Out.
  • Aggregate blog posts made on several platforms since starting Diary of a Knowledge Broker in 2005. You can find them reposted by their original dates in categories that reflect the titles of the platforms to which they were originally posted:

I often modify how I present information on this website as well as on Micro.blog in order to clean-up inconsistencies in format and organization, clarify concepts I consider fundamental, or offer new insights I gain as I go through this sorting process. If you can’t find something you saw earlier, I probably moved it to another page or the other site. Do a search on both to see if turns up.

If you have questions or comments, please contact me.

Thanks in advance for your interest!