Organizing Coordinates and Principles

Organizing Coordinates

Physical reality organizes itself into concrete and abstract “space-time continua”. Concrete forms are defined by three spatial coordinates and one temporal coordinate whereas abstract constructs are shaped by the expression of three principles through thought, narrative, and relationship over time. The diagram below offers a two-dimensional view of this space-time continuum approach.

The German mathematician Hermann Minkowski — one of Einstein’s former teachers — described the resulting four-dimensional entity: While space and time are relative, intervals in space-time are absolute.  1

Organizing Principles

The largest system in the physical realm is the universe. It provides the best examples of organizing principles…

Everyone is in
Everything in the physical realm came from a common source / point of singularity—Big Bang—a grain of sand.

Everything, including us, is made of ‘star stuff’ and everything is part of the same holistic system.

Everyone is interconnected
The universe is filled with attractive forces be they gravity / anti-gravity, magnetism, dark energy, dark matter, etc.

Everything is interconnected no matter how much the universe expands and whatever forms and relationships among particles and waves that make up matter and energy coalesce and evolve.

Everyone’s behavior impacts everyone else
Because everything is interconnected, anything we think, say, or do perturbs the overall system and this, in turn, affects everything that comprises it to some degree—cause and effect on an epic scale.

One is responsible for one’s actions and is held accountable by the system for the consequences of those actions whether intended or not.

Accountability relates directly to justice which entails establishing and enforcing rules that respect EVERYONE (all agents) in the system and, when followed, limit negative consequences due to the behavioral choices by those agents.

Despite best efforts we don’t do rules well.

  1. Falk, Dan, Eleanor Lutz and Olena Shmahalo. “Arrows of Time”. (Quanta Magazine. May 4, 2020,, accessed May 6, 2020).

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